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Feature of standard spline

Improvement of mechanical characteristic
Hardness on the spline tooth side for the cold form rolling processing improves, the organization of internal causes along a dentiform outline the fiber flow, and the organization of tooth former part becomes extremely close, and it ..tiredness.. ..strong.. falls and Ma Canadian and mechanical properties improve.
The tooth side is specular finish

The roughness of the tooth side of the rolling spline becomes mirror side finish less than 0.7 Rmax, and it is it with the finish side roughness that is better than the processing to grind. Therefore, as for the male female spline, an extremely smooth insertion state is kept.


Dentiform feature
Because it is dentiform the straight line, the dimensional control is easy.
When two pieces or teeth any more are stepped over, dentiform of a standard spline is trapezoid that the both tooth side becomes parallel dentiform the straight line. Therefore, the size and the division accuracy of the thickness of teeth can be managed as well as the case of the involute tooth according to the thickness of Matagi teeth.
Effect of mind for
There is an effect of the mind for the automatic operation as much as Imborutosprain etc. because it is a mechanism with which the male/female spline engages, and each center agrees by the trapezoid tooth side, and can it use for the part of opening a store, and an accurate, smooth movement transmission be done.
Excellent durability
Because the number of teeth is more than that of JIS square type spline, a dentiform receiving pressure immunity is large, and it is excellent in the resisting pressure and abrasion resistance.
JIS square type spline

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