Trading company of chance of precise machine tool, measuring instrument, and spline salesMARUZEN SEIKI CORPORATION.

Please leave it to the MARUZEN SEIKI. in case of the spline.

Welcome to the MARUZEN SEIKI.

The MARUZEN SEIKI CORPORATION. is a machine trading company that sells a precise machine tool, the measuring instrument, and the spline.
A standard spline is a spline shaft created with the component rolling.
It fundamentally has a unique feature for all the usages compared with a conventional spline, and it has wide coverage as a spline shaft for the torque transmission.
Our company also has each size shaft and the nut on hand and turns also the shaft processing and the nut processing ..undertaking...
Please use a standard spline to be able to expect standardization, the quality improvement, and the effect of reduction in costs of the design for your design and product.

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